About NIR

NIR works to promote an enabling environment for conducting economically, socially and environmentally sustainable business in complex markets.

What is NIR?

NIR is a member-based non-profit organisation. Our members represent some of Sweden’s largest exporting companies and the financial sector. NIR has 13 employees in Stockholm and regional coordinators in Nairobi, Johannesburg, Hanoi and Bogotá.

Our engaged Board of Directors gathers high-level representatives of the member companies and organisations.

A brief history

⦁ NIR was established in 1960 by Dr Marcus Wallenberg as the Swedish Industry’s Council for Foreign Affairs.
⦁ The focus shifted from the European Economic Community in the 60’s to emerging markets in the late 70’s and to complex markets in 2006.
⦁ As the boundaries between political and sustainability risks in complex markets are often vague, the focus has shifted towards mitigating risks by promoting sustainability.

Board of Directors

Our engaged Board of Directors gathers high level representatives of the member companies and organisations.

Annika Berglund 

Marie Aglert
Exportkreditnämnden (EKN)

Camilla Goldbeck-Löwe 
Epiroc AB

Jörgen Haglind
Tetra Laval AB

Dag Klackenberg

Tony Lindström
Volvo Group

Daniel Lundgren
Siemens Energy AB

Paul Palmstedt
AB Electrolux

Ulf Pehrsson

Henrik Petersson
Saab AB

Åsa Pettersson
Scania CV AB

Sofia Svingby 
Atlas Copco

Juliette Xue Lascoux

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