Best practices

Built from knowledge and experience

The best practices we share are a compilation of best practices and lessons learnt from iterations of the programme and the peer to peer network. We will continue to share new best practices, cases and studies during the programme.

The Swedish Workplace Programme (SWP) is centered around addressing three strategic areas: Decent Work, Sustainable Business and Partnerships. Each of these areas include a wide variety of themes important to any company who wants to instill their policies in the company culture and to fulfill their objectives towards Agenda 2030. These themes can include skills development, gender equality, occupational health & safety, as well as diversity and inclusion.

Dialogue and cooperation

The main goal of dialogues in the workplace is to promote consensus building and democratic involvement among the main stakeholders in the world of work. Successful dialogue structures and processes have the potential to resolve important economic and social issues, encourage good governance by supporting the implementation of policies to practice, and boost economic progress.

Diversity and inclusion

The benefits of diversity in the workplace include higher revenue, more innovation, better decision making, higher rates of job acceptance and better performance. Diversity in the workplace is the “what” while inclusion is the “how”. Making diversity a priority is important, but the next logical step is creating a culture where all personnel feel included. Inclusivity is key for maintaining (not just creating) diversity in the workplace.

Youth perspective on a diverse society

SWP promote conversations on how our differences present unique opportunities to grow and improve as a society.

SWP and the corporate partners in Colombia support this in many ways. The latest activity is a dialogue with children and youth on their perspective of what a diverse society is.

Watch the video created by SWP’s partners in Colombia.

Equality awareness

In Colombia, SWP partners with SKF Latin Trade and support its work in gender equality.

SWP and SKF in Colombia choose to challenge biases and stereotypes in the workplace and throughout broader society by generating inclusive dialogue about gender.

Watch the video to the right to learn more about the equality awareness initiatives by SKF Latin Trade that strengthen the dialogue.

Equality and diversity

Watch the video to the left about our insights on inclusion for equality and diversity together with our partnering company Atlas Copco Colombia. 

Business cases

The Business Case section serves as a source of inspiration and wealth of knowledge for our current and future partnering companies. Discover and learn more about the employee driven initiatives and the impact they have had in the workplace as a result of the approach.

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