Strong workplace cooperation
leads to sustainable business

Swedish Workplace Programme

We believe that the workplace is a high potential platform to address multiple business and sustainability challenges and bring forth change. By using our workplace approach, which promotes strong relationships between management and employees through social dialogue, companies in complex markets can identify and mitigate risks, improve the sustainability of business operations and establish a concrete method for handling challenging situations in the workplace.

The Swedish Workplace Programme (SWP) supports the workplace to strengthen cooperations to solve challenges and achieve desired results. The SWP is built on a partnership between the International Council of Swedish Industry (NIR) and the Metal and Industrial workers union, IF Metall.

How the programme contributes 

The Swedish Workplace Programme (SWP) supports companies to promote stronger workplace cooperation to achieve sustainable business solutions. 

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The Swedish Workplace Programme facilitates companies to achieve sustainable business solutions by promote stronger workplace cooperation. 

Responding to Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing significant disruption globally and threatening the livelihood for millions of people. SWP is mobilising its networks to provide information on how businesses, employers’ organisations and unions are handling the crisis. Since the outbreak, SWP has organised webinars where companies, unions and other partners have shared best practices on strategic measures to minimise disruption in productivity and ensure safety and health at the workplace.

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