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Procurement at NIR

What we stand for



NIR is committed to the highest standards of ethics and conduct, which extends to how we procure services and goods. 

As a non-profit organisation committed to improving the conditions for conducting economically, socially and environmentally sustainable business in complex markets, NIR works to ensure it procures in a cost effective and sustainable way. 


NIR adheres to the following principles while procuring:
  • Accountability, integrity and transparency – we ensure that procurement complies with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines and is open and clear.
  • Fair competition and equal treatment – we ensure that procurement is a competitive process and that all interested parties and all potential partners are provided with the same opportunities during the procurement process, and that all competitors are subject to the same conditions.
  • Best value for money – we ensure that the procurement of a service or good should result in the best combination of cost, quality and sustainability over the life cycle of a project, offer the best return on investment and allow NIR and its partners to meet the strategic objectives.
  • Sustainability – we ensure that our procurement processes promote environmental, social and economic sustainable development, as well as NIR’s core values.

NIR’s procurement process 

For information regarding a specific tender, please contact the respective contact person or use the e-mail address listed above.

For any questions regarding NIR’s procurement process, please contact Lauren McIntosh, Compliance Officer.