Whistleblower function

This whistleblower function is to be used to report suspected serious irregularities or misconduct.

Complying with our values

NIR has zero tolerance for any form of bribery and corruption and we are committed to the highest ethical and professional standards in accordance with our Code of Conduct. NIR’s Whistleblower function is an important tool in ensuring that we comply with these values. We encourage and expect all relevant parties to speak up and report any behaviour in relation to NIR’s operations that is unethical, illegal or contrary to NIR’s Code of Conduct.

Who can make a report?

Any party who suspects behaviour in relation to NIR’s operations that is unethical, illegal or contrary to NIR’s Code of Conduct. If you do not wish to report a suspected or known violation directly to NIR’s Compliance Council, you may use NIR’s whistleblower function.

NIR employees are encouraged to report to their supervisor or NIR’s Compliance Officer or CEO . However, an employee may use the Whistleblower function when it feels inappropriate to report to a manager or when an employee believes that a reported incident has not been adequately addressed.

To file a report, you may use the “Send a Report” button below. 

If you wish to directly make a report to NIR’s Compliance Council, you may do so by emailing [email protected]

How we handle a report

Reported incidents are handled with confidentially to the fullest text possible by NIR’s Compliance Council, which is comprised of NIR’s Chair of the Board of Directors, CEO and Compliance Officer.

All reported incidents will be received by the Compliance Council and confidentially logged. NIR’s Compliance Officer will provide written confirmation of receipt to the individual who reported the incident if not done so anonymously. The reported incident will then be reviewed by NIR’s Compliance Committee. All reported incidents will be promptly investigated and documented. Any substantiated incidents will be resolved, which may include taking appropriate corrective action. The outcome of an investigation may be communicated to the reporting individual and/or the relevant supervisor if deemed appropriate by the Compliance Council.

NIR will annually report the number and type of reported incidents, as well as how any substantiated incidents were resolved, to its staff and the Board of Directors. Any and all information regarding the reporting individual will be treated with the utmost confidentiality during reporting.

In line with NIR’s values, no party that reports an incident in good faith shall suffer from discrimination, punishment or retaliation as a result.

Address to NIR’s Compliance Council and Compliance Officer