Today NIR officially launches the Sustainability Impact Accelerator (SIA), a new and innovative international training programme.

SIA provides targeted capacity development to infrastructure projects that contribute to achieving Agenda 2030 in OECD/DAC countries. The programme is funded by Sida and will be implemented by NIR in close collaboration with Team Sweden. This is a long-awaited programme that will strengthen Team Sweden’s collaboration and contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The pilot phase of the programme (2021-2022) includes projects in Bangladesh, Colombia, Laos, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Institutional capacity and lack of bankable projects are two of the biggest challenges for OECD/DAC countries in achieving Agenda 2030 and implementing the Paris Agreement. Institutional capacity not only gives rise to challenges when it comes to planning and managing sustainable projects, but it also hinders funding as international financiers will not invest in projects that fail to comply with international sustainability standards. Strengthening institutional capacity is key to making projects in OECD/DAC countries sustainable and fundable, and to supporting local achievement of Agenda 2030 and implementation of the Paris Agreement.

You can join our online community on LinkedIn for more information about our projects and upcoming tenders. You can also learn more about SIA on our webpage/ Programmes/ Sustainability Impact Accelerator.