NIR shares learnings how to access global markets

Trade is an engine for growth that creates jobs, reduces poverty, and increases economic opportunity. It is key for partner countries to improve their access to more developed markets and enhance their participation in the world economy.

NIR’s programmes can support unblocking factors that hinder access to global markets, such as anti-competitive business practices, regulatory environments that are unfavorable to business growth and investment, or limited infrastructure capacity. 

Another important step is to learn more about how to access global markets. To meet partners’ demand for this knowledge, NIR teamed up with the National Board of Trade.

Through their contact point Open Trade Gate Sweden the Board assists exporters from developing countries with information free of charge on trade policy regulations, the market in Sweden and product-specific requirements.

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Swedish market study for fresh fruit and vegetables 

The Swedish Market for Processed Food 

NIR teamed up with The National Board of Trade to learn more about how to access global markets. One example of the markets was for fruits.

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