Let’s Talk about EU Taxonomy

 NIR continues its Let’s Talk series for member companies, this time the EU Taxonomy was presented by SEB’s Head of Sustainability Strategy and Policy; Karl-Oskar Olming, Member of the EU Platform on Sustainable Finance.

Karl-Oskar Olming did a brilliant explanation on the long-term intentions for the new classification tool and its broad environmental ambitions. He also clarified that “ if you are not taxonomy aligned does not mean that you are unsustainable”. The EU Platform on Sustainable Finance will continue the work on developing the EU Taxonomy to cover more environmental objectives, introducing a Taxonomy on harmful and low impact activities as well as developing a social taxonomy. SEB is the only Nordic bank to be included in this EU-preparation group.

“Karl-Oskar did a great job in explaining the EU Taxonomy – what it is and what it is not. Seeing that it’s an ongoing process, NIR plan to follow up in June”, said Christine Bäckström Bäckström, CEO

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