SWP responding to Covid-19

Engaging to save workplaces, lives and livelihoods

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing significant disruption, threatening millions of lives and livelihoods. SWP is mobilising its networks to provide information on business and employer organizations’ efforts. By sharing, we hope it can provide practical and strategic actions to minimise disruption to productivity, secure the safety and health at the workplace.

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SWP arranges webinars where companies and organisations discuss and share examples of what works in a specific context. We conducted a survey with participating companies in Africa to adjust interventions as per the needs. We also provide lessons learned from social dialogue and health at workplace from our previous programme SWHAP that took actions in the area of wellness.

Regardless the crisis, our experience from businesses engaged in social dialogue is that if there are committees in place – use them to gain speed in employees and management solving and advancing jointly. Use and learn from other companies in the SWP-network.

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